Fantastic Four #1 variant
Credit: Bill Sienkiewicz (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Bill Sienkiewicz (Marvel Comics)

Bill Sienkiewicz has shared a Doctor Doom illustration that's scheduled to be used as a variant to August 8's Fantastic Four #1. Sienkiewicz will be selling this variant - in several variations - exclusively on his website store,

"I was approached to contribute an illustration to one of several books celebrating the 100th anniversary of Jack Kirby’s birth, his incredible creative gifts to the world of comics, and to the world at large" Sienkiewicz said. "I'd always wanted to do my version of the Red Ghost and his trio of ape accomplices first. Doctor Doom was neck-and-neck in the race. For the book, and considering the iconic status and worldwide cultural ubiquity of Doom, I decided to do my own stylized interpretation of him."

"Jack Kirby’s Dr. Doom lit a fire in me; a fire that still burns to this day," the artist added.

This variant has a 1,500 copy print run, with Sienkiewicz planning to sign 150 of them (and including a Certificate of Authenticity).

Pre-orders for Sienkiewicz's Fantastic Four #1 variant open up on August 8, with an expected shipping date of August 20.

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