ECLIPSE In Development for TV Series

Credit: Image Comics/Top Cow
Credit: Image Comics / Top Cow

Zack Kaplan and Giovanni Timpano's Eclipse has been optioned by Skybound Entertainment as a television series, according to Deadline. Published as a comic by Top Cow through Image Comics, Skybound (who also publishes through Image) is developing it for TV and has a 'first look' deal with Amazon.

"Suns out and guns out! It’s a sci-fi thriller about a world with a sun that will burn you alive," Kaplan previously told Newsarama. "If you’ve ever felt the sun was so hot or intense that you thought it had turned against you, well, this is that sun times a million. It’s a monster.

"The story takes place after a mysterious solar cataclysm turns the sunlight deadly, and now a few remaining cities survive in nocturnal societies. We follow David 'Bax' Baxter, a withdrawn tough guy who works with a group called the Icemen. They use these specialized suits that you see on the cover to Eclipse #1, and these suits allow them limited exposure in the sun so they can maintain the city’s infrastructure. So, Bax knows how to move around during the day, which is why he’s approached to deal with a killer who is going around murdering people with sunlight."

Kaplan has signed on as co-executive producer on the Eclipse adaptation, alongside Top Cow's Marc Silvestri, Matt Hawkins, and Skybound itself.

Eclipse is a story that mixes post-apocalyptic and dystopian into a thrilling big world action drama, and explores the human condition while asking the question what if our life-giving sun turned on us.” said Kaplan. “It’s my first comic series, it’s a passion project, and I’m so grateful to Top Cow’s Matt Hawkins and Marc Silvestri for believing in this great comic from the start, and I’m thrilled to see it developed by the best home in the business to marry comics with TV, and that’s Robert Kirkman’s Skybound Entertainment.”

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