Brian Ralph's DAYBREAK Optioned For NETFLIX TV Series - Report

Credit: Brian Ralph
Credit: Brian Ralph

Brian Ralph's OGN series Daybreak has been optioned by Netflix for a 10-episode live-action television series, according to Variety. Aron Eli Coleite, who was just announced to be working on Netflix's Locke & Key series, developed the Daybreak TV series with Rampage director Brad Peyton. Peyton is slotted in to direct the pilot, with Coleite acting as showrunner.

"You wake up in the rubble and see a ragged, desperate one-armed man greeting you. He takes you underground to a safe space, feeds you, offers you a place to sleep. And then announces that he'll take the first watch," reads Drawn & Quarterly's description of the book. "It's not long before the peril of the jagged landscape has located you and your new-found protector and is scratching at the door. What transpires is a moment-to-moment struggle for survival-The Road meets Dawn of the Dead."

Daybreak was originally published from 2006 to 2008 by Bodega Distribution, with Drawn & Quarterly publishing a collection in 2011.

Netflix has not announced a timeframe for the show's debut.

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