REP. JOHN LEWIS' RUN Release Pushed Back a Full Year

Abrams ComicArts October 2018 cover
Credit: Abrams ComicArts
Credit: Abrams ComicArts

U.S. Representative John Lewis autobiographical OGN Run: Book One has been pushed back a full year with a currently-planned August 2019 release date. Run is a spiritual sequel to the well-received March trilogy, with Lewis' co authors - Andrew Aydin and artist Nate Powell - returning, with the addition of artist Afua Richardson.

The Abrams Comics Arts publication was originally announced for an August 14, 2018 release, with the publisher later soliciting it with Diamond Comic Distributors for an October 18, 2018 release - with that now changing as well.

"Run, like March, requires tremendous attention to detail. Afua and Abrams editorial have been working from the completed manuscript since December 2017 and they need a little more time," Aydin told Newsarama. "The release date will be August 2019. We're pushing it that far so that Congressman Lewis and I have time during the August recess to be able to travel and do signings."

Lewis is currently running for re-election this year for Georgia's 5th Congressional District, winning the Democratic primary in May 2018.

Abrams ComicArts' Editorial Director Charles Kochman elaborated on the postponement decision, saying that the decision came after Lewis, Aydin, and Richardson attended BookExpo and BookCon and received "enthusiastic response."

"The team was inspired to dedicate additional time to the collaboration of the latest installment of John Lewis' story," Kochman told Newsarama.

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