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Credit: Mike Deodato Jr./Frank Martin (Marvel Comics)

Marvel’s next big event kicks off in this week’s Infinity Wars Prime #1 from writer Gerry Duggan and artists Mike Deodato, Jr. and Frank Martin – and the last sequence packs a surprise that upends many expectations of the story.

Spoilers ahead for Infinity Countdown Prime #1.

Credit: Mike Deodato Jr./Frank Martin (Marvel Comics)

The threat of the assembled Infinity Stones permeates Infinity Countdown Prime #1, with Thanos’ name dropped several times in the story as a looming danger. And indeed, when Thanos finally appears in the issue, he’s rallying the Chitauri to go claim the Stones for him.

But Thanos’ quest is cut short by the arrival of Requiem – the mysterious villain shown in the lead-up to Infinity Countdown Prime #1. Sneaking up on Thanos, the villain stabs him in the back. As the Mad Titan turns to face his assailant, he says he wondered when they would arrive, and that he recognizes the sword he was stabbed with. “You’re here to conduct my requiem with it?” he says, naming the villain.

”Always so grandiose,” says Requiem. “I’m just here to kill you.” And with that, Requiem beheads Thanos.

There is little clue in the story as to Requiem’s identity – however, the villain’s internal monologue seems to imply that Requiem is from the future, with a past tied to Thanos himself.

The story continues in Infinity Wars #1, on shelves August 1.

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