AVATAR PRESS October 2018 Solicitations

Avatar Press October 2018 cover
Credit: Avatar Press

(W) Christos N. Gage, Patrick Shand (A) Emiliano Urdinola (A/CA) Gabriel Andrade
The final cataclysmic issue!  In MIMIC,  Fleshcook and Julie are against the wall and have one last chance and the merge.   Pat Shand teams up with original series artist Gabriel Andrade for a special final chapter of AMERICAN HISTORY X, set during the invasion of Chooga from the first series!  Available with a sizzling array of covers:  Regular by Gabriel Andrade, History X Wraparound and American History X by Raulo Caceres, Fatal Fantasy and Hellish Homage by Renato Camilo, and Ms Mayhem by Christian Zanier.  Don't miss the three-cover Crossing Over set by Matt Martin, each limited to just 250 copies, nor the Century (of Blood) cover limited to 100 copies also by Camilo.

(W) Kieron Gillen (A/CA) Daniel Gete
Maria is just not to be messed with, and soon they will all learn the hard way!  Available with Regular, Wraparound, War Crimes, Propaganda, Blitzkrieg, and VIP Premium by series artist Daniel Gete.


(W) Kieron Gillen (A/CA) Daniel Gete
Special warehouse find!  Limited to only 250 copies and previously only available in Denver several years ago!

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