SAGA Goes On Year-Long 'Intermission'

Saga Vol. 9
Credit: Fiona Staples/Fonografiks (Image Comics)
Credit: Fiona Staples/Fonografiks (Image Comics)

Image Comics' long-running Saga will be having a year-long 'intermission' following this week's #54. In a letter published in the backmatter of this week's issue, series writer/co-creator Brian K. Vaughan explains the reason behind his and Fiona Staples' decision.

"After fifty-four issues and over 1,200 consecutive pages of sequential storytelling together, Fiona and I have decided to take an extended break before we eventually reunite with Saga #55. And unlike our usual three months of 'Vacationanza' between arcs, we plan to pause publication of this series for at least the next year."

Credit: Fiona Staples/Fonografiks (Image Comics)

"This obviously wasn't a decision we took lightly, but Fiona and I feel a responsibility to keep making the very best comic we can, and we both agreed that he only way to eventually finish the epic saga we set out to tell was with this one significant... let's call it... Intermission!"

Vaughn said this 'intermission' will allow the two of them to "creatively recharge (and to reconnect with our non-fictional families)" and that Image Comics, Fonografiks, and Image's publisher/co-partner Eric Stephenson are supporting the decision.

Back in July 2017, Vaughn (through his company Twitter PanelSyndicate) tweeted that, at the time, he and Fiona that thought that they haven't even reached the halfway mark to the series' end. Saga #45 had just come out at that point.

Saga #54 goes on sale July 24, with a collection of this arc due out September 26.

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