Weekly Webbing is back, but this time, Spider-Man has some competition.

Last week, Newsarama gave Spider-Man fans 24 hours of Steve Wacker and the Spider-Man office – a "Tweetumentary" where Newsarama readers had access to the man who oversees the weekly release of new Spider-Man comics.

But after all that work, Wacker wanted a week off.

So which Marvel maven stepped forward to handle the Weekly Webbing this week?


Well, "stepped forward" may be a bit of an exaggeration. But for enough money, Deadpool will do anything – even team up with Spidey.

On Nov. 11, the Merc with a Mouth will co-star in Amazing Spider-Man #611 in a story written by Joe Kelly with art by Eric Canete. Although the story will tie into the "Gauntlet" story that starts next month and runs through next year in Amazing Spider-Man, Kelly told Newsarama the insults in the issue get pretty crazy.

"There is a little bit of 'who's the bigger smart-ass' element to this story. But I describe it as, you go to a comedy club, and you get a comic up there that's pretty good, but you can tell he's trying to stay clean. But then you get a heckler going after him who can say whatever he wants. That brings the comic who's on stage down really fast. And all of the sudden, they're both in the gutter, and it quickly gets very nasty and very funny," Kelly said. "And I'm thinking there might be a similar relationship between Deadpool and Spidey. 'Cause Deadpool would say the things Spidey would want to say. But being around that guy? All of the sudden he's just going to say it. It's like somebody just poking you and poking you and poking you, and I don't think Spidey has the endurance to deal with Deadpool for very long without sort of going to that blue place."

So without delaying this "poking" any longer – er, uh, I mean interview – it's time to talk with Deadpool about his upcoming appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #611.

Newsarama: Deadpool, since you're appearing in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man next month –

Deadpool: Annnnnnd it begins. I was warned. "Don't lick the toad. Do not lick!" So I ate it, of course, and now the piper must be paid with yet another new voice in the ol' braincase. Though I never had a ladyfied hallucination before. Sorta sexy...

Nrama: Right... Um, what are your thoughts on sharing the spotlight with the web-slinger?

Deadpool: ...and sort of WRONG. Listen, Lady Voice, the spotlights that shine my way are not "shared." They may on occasion be spattered with the blood of my enemies and cousins who owe me money, but they are not "shared." Spider-Man, if a man he indeed be, is suckling from the manly-action-hero teat that is Deadpool, who you know must be exponentially cooler, because he speaks of himself in the third person.

Nrama: But you have to admit, Spider-Man has quite a fan following, probably thanks to those cartoons and movies he's got. Is that intimidating for you?

Deadpool: Look, some guys have real fans, cest moi, and some guys have other guys who are just in the habit of following them around... like zombies lookin' for a brain on a bun. No offense, but the dude is so old school Socrates was his gym teacher. I'm the swagger of the 21st century, and everyone who's anyone knows that.

"Intimidating..." HA! FYI, I'm in a cartoon AND a movie, and I didn't DANCE in either one. I have also been the star of over 5,000 short stop-motion films, shot in my basement, featuring me kicking buttock.

Nrama: Did you use a Deadpool action figure–?

Deadpool: [clearing throat] It was a Spider-Man repaint. Next question.

Nrama: One difference between the two of you is that Spider-Man plays the part of hero. How would you describe the part you play?

Deadpool: God of Awesome. You make it so easy, Lady Voice...

Nrama: Do you like teaming up with other folks in costume? Or are you more of a solo act?

Deadpool: If by "other folks in costume" you mean ladies from the X-Universe, lady Avengers, or lady A.I.M. redshirts, and by "teaming up" you mean ********** the ******* and **********, then yes.

But usually I'm solo...[sigh], except when I travel with my posse…I mean my Corps. But Alonso says I’m not supposed to talk about that.

Nrama: Don't you miss Cable?

Deadpool: Only on cloudy days. I switched to satellite.

Nrama: Would it make a difference if the costume was being worn by a female? There is a Spider-Woman, you know...

Deadpool: It would make a difference in my therapy bill. Especially if she was hot. That would be really confusing and uncomfortable, which is how I like my relationships...but she would look like me... I'm not a well person, Lady Voice. I'm just not well at all.

Nrama: Is there anything you want to warn your fans to expect from your meeting with Spider-Man?

Deadpool: It's his final issue. Don't believe the solicits. There is no Amazing #612. I smack him so hard he wakes up in that little blue ball universe. The book reboots with D'Amazing Deadpool #1 next ish. 13 variant covers. Wicked.

Nrama: Anything else?

Deadpool: I like pie.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have other voices to ignore like my Conscience and Good Taste while I go see what my costume looks like on a female mannequin. Gotta get my camera too... Slay ya later!

Editor's note: Writer Joe Kelly may have helped a little with this interview.

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