Paul Levitz to Write 3 New Annuals, BATMAN BEYOND Appearance

PAUL LEVITZ to Write 3 2010 Annual, Batm

Former DC publisher Paul Levitz will be writing three annuals in 2010 for DC Comics, one of which will include "Batman Beyond."

The announcement is part of today's "10 Answers and 1 Question" feature on Newsarama and was made by DCU Executive Editor Dan DiDio.

"Paul will actually be working on three annuals for DC Comics in the beginning of next year," DiDio said. "The first one up will be a Superman/Batman Annual that Paul is writing, which we're very excited about because it features some very interesting characters from beyond, so to speak."

DiDio explained the "beyond" comment by announcing that the oversized Superman/Batman Annual will include Batman, Superman, and the Batman from Batman Beyond, the cartoon that aired on The WB television network from 1999 to 2002. Created by Bruce Timm, the cartoon featured an aged Bruce Wayne and a new, younger Batman named Terry McGinnis.

Although DiDio previously announced on Newsarama that a Batman Beyond mini-series featuring Terry McGinnis would be published in 2010, the editor said this stand-alone Superman/Batman Annual by Levitz does not tie into that mini-series. DC readers will remember that Batman Beyond appeared in Countdown to Final Crisis #21 as an inhabitant of Earth-12, although DiDio has not clarified if upcoming comic book appearances by the character are from that alternate earth or New Earth's future.

Levitz will also be writing an Adventure Comics Annual that will be setting up his upcoming run in Adventure Comics, DiDio said.

"So really, his run kicks off with the Adventure Comics Annual first, then it goes into Adventure Comics," he said. "And as we realized by chatting, I believe this is the first Adventure Comics Annual ever, which I believe is also very exciting that Paul gets to do that."

Artists for the annuals were not released, and the third annual written by Levitz, the title of which remains unannounced, will come later in the year.

DiDio also gave hints about who would be handling writing chores on Adventure Comics following Geoff Johns' departure from the title and before Levitz comes on board, and what those stories will tie into. Check later for more details in today's "10 Answers and 1 Question" on Newsarama.

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