DONNY CATES Celebrating MARVEL KNIGHTS 20th Anniversary - UPDATED

Marvel Knights
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Mike Deodato Jr. (Marvel Comics)

Update: Following the publication of this story, Marvel Comics clarified that MK20 #1 is not a line relaunch but rather "a project to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Marvel Knights" and that Mike Deodato’s only involvement is drawing the promotional image to the right. 


Credit: Marvel Entertainment

Original story: 20 years after it started a sea change at Marvel Comics, the iconic Marvel Knights returns later this year. Announced at a retailers-only event at Comic-Con International: San Diego, Donny Cates said he will be "relaunching" Marvel Knights, and  has just renewed his his 'exclusive' deal with the publisher.

"I am showrunning this new thing that we're doing," said Cates.

Cates is picking the contributors himself, beginning with Tini Howard, Matthew Rosenberg, and Vita Ayala. The new Marvel Knights project titled MK20 #1 will feature characters from the original 1998 line-up, and is scheduled to debut in November.

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