UPDATED: NETFLIX Streaming Coming to PS3 in November

NETFLIX Coming to PS3 in November

There are over 17,000 TV shows and movies now available for Netflix users to stream on their computers, along with newer model TiVo DVRs, some standalone devices, and the Xbox 360 gaming system from Microsoft. Now, Netflix and Sony are adding the PlayStation 3 to that list, starting November 2009.

On the Xbox 360, the PlayStation 3's chief competition, users must have both a Netflix "unlimited" subscription (required to enable streaming) and an Xbox LIVE Gold subscription, which runs $50 plus tax. It recently received an upgrade to the interface, allowing users to select from some movies and TV shows directly from their console, as well as the ability to watch videos with friends over the service in a virtual theater.

The PlayStation 3 will also require the unlimited subscription, but no other additional fees. There will be, however, a special Blu-ray disc required for its use. This disc, provided by Netflix to their customers for free, will contain the user interface, utilizing the Blu-ray BD-LIVE technology to access Netflix streaming. It can be ordered at this link by any qualified users, those who have the $8.99 or up plans with the video rental service. According to Netflix, late next year, presumably when the initial contract with Microsoft expires, Sony and Netflix plan to release a software update for the console that will negate the need for the disc, allowing PS3 owners to run the application directly from the console's interface.

In other information released by Netflix, the PS3 will have the same limited selections from specific categories that the Xbox360 currently does. That means users will be able to select TV shows and Movies from categories like "romantic comedy" or "anime" directly through the interface without having to first add it to their queue via a web browser.

PS3 outsold the Xbox360 in September after a price drop brought it to $299, what many analysts consider the "magic price point." Both systems are still well behind the Nintendo Wii, which is now the only current generation console that will not have Netflix streaming capability.

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