STARGIRL TV Series Coming to DC UNIVERSE Service

Credit: DC Entertainment
Credit: DC Comics

A live-action Stargirl series co-starring the Justice Society of America is coming to the DC Universe streaming service. Announced during the Geoff Johns spotlight panel at Comic-Con International: San Diego, Stargirl will be written and showrun by Johns himself.

“Stargirl is the doorway into a team that’s very close to my heart, the JSA," Johns explained. “It’s all about her bringing back the legacy of the Justice Society.”

Johns said his role in producing the Stargirl show is partially what led to his departure as DC's Chief Creative Officer earlier this year.

Stargirl is the first comic book character Johns wrote for DC as well as his first original creation for the publisher (with artist Lee Moder). The character is based on Johns' late sister, Courtney Johns.

Johns said while the JSA co-stars in Stargirl, there is potential for a JSA series of its own down the line.

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