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Credit: comiXology

Seven more creator-owned titles have been announced as part of the comiXology Originals program, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Credit: comiXology

Four of the titles launched Wednesday, and they are:

  • Grave Danger by writer Tim Seeley and artist Mike Norton, starring "an agent of the underground espionage organization known as Headstone, created to deal with supernatural threats" (five-issue limited series)
  • Goliath Girls by Sam Humphries and Alti Firmansvah, "about three best friends raising the next generation of Kaiju" (Five-issue limited series)
  • Hit Reblog: Comics that Caught Fire by Megan Kearny, chronicling "the origins of a number of hit webcomics" (120-page collection)
  • Teenage Wasteland by Magdalene Vissaggio and Jen Vaughn, about "a group of teenagers who happen to be the first line of defense for planet Earth" (five-issue limited series)
Credit: comiXology

In addition to that, three more series were announced with plans to release it later this year. They are:

  • The Dark by Mark Sable and Kristian Donaldson, about "a post-technology world and the biological internet that emerges in it"  (OGN)
  • Delver by C. Spike Trotman, MK Reed, and Trish Doolin, about "a girl exploring a door to 'a living dungeon'" (five-issue limited series)
  • The Stone King by Kel McDonald and Tyler Crook, concerning "a teen girl thief who accidentally provokes a giant into action" (four-issue limited series)


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