CHAPTERHOUSE COMICS October 2018 Solicitations

Chapterhouse Comics October 2018 cover
Credit: Chapterhouse Comics

Life Death & Sorcery - Book 1: 100 Days in the Future
ISBN: 978-0-9950098-1-3
Author(s): Danny Zabbal
Artist(s):Danny Zabbal
Cover Artist(s):Danny Zabbal
The First Volume in the Acclaimed Series from Danny Zabbal! Follow the story of Amelia, Coco and Winnie, three sisters that run away from home and embark on an amazing adventure. A book filled with nuanced character moments and magic! It could be easily described as Buffymeets Love and Rockets.Drama, humor, and magic await in what Bleeding Cool calls "legitimately one of the best books of the year!


The Crystal Key – THE WELLSPRING TRILOGY - Book 1
Author(s): Robert William Gronewold
Artist(s): nil - Prose
Cover Artist(s): Cindy Leong
The sun has not shone in over a thousand years.Sixteen year old Felicity lives in a world where the Dark rules. Humanity stays to the Wellsprings, illuminated swathes of land where the light of eternal fountains keeps the skies bright all day long. But beyond that, the world is wrapped in eternal shadows, filled with monstrous Horrors who pray on the unsuspecting. When Felicity discovers that she is a Turnkey, a guardian selected to protect the Wellsprings, her life unexpectedly changes. Not only is she gifted with a magical Key with amazing abilities, but her fate soon takes her deep into the Dark, where with the help of a mysterious boy named Tobin she must survive astonishing odds. For itis soon that the Horrors begin hunting her, and a race to get home is only the beginning of her worries. Don’t miss out on the Crystal Key, book one of the Wellspring Trilogy.


DIE KITTY DIE! Cathouse of Horror! Halloween Special  
Author(s): Dan Parent and Fernando Ruiz
Artist(s):Dan Parent and Fernando Ruiz
Cover Artist(s): Dan Parent (cover A) Fernando Ruiz (cover B)
come to Kitty Ravencraft's Cathouse of Horror! In the chilling tradition of the great horror comics of the past, unsuspecting trick or treaters visiting Kitty's Cathouse of Horror are welcomed by that death-defying wonderful witch, the lovely Kitty Raven-craft who serves as their horror hostess throughout a terrifying tour of her mansion ofthe macabre! During their visit, Kitty entertains and electrifies her guests with freaky... yet funny... tales from her lethal library. Many of her friends are on hand to tell these sca-ry sagas. Along the way we'll see Dippy the Dead Kid, Lil Satan, and the gang from Comix Corner! Join everyone's favorite ghoul-friend, Kitty, as she serves up the tricks along with the treats to make this the very best Halloween ever! 

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