GAIL SIMONE Named 'Chief Architect' of Superhero Line CATALYST PRIME at LION FORGE

Catalyst Prime
Credit: Phil Jimenez (Lion Forge/Catalyst Prime)
Credit: Michelle Wong (Lion Forge/Catalyst Prime)

Gail Simone has been named as the 'Chief Architect' of Lion Forge's superhero line Catalyst Prime, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

”I can barely express my excitement over this, and I want to thank Lion Forge for inviting me to play in this amazing new toybox,” Simone said. “Everywhere you look, there's something new and thrilling in this universe. And what we are planning is unlike anything I've seen anywhere.”

Credit: Jim Calafiore (Lion Forge/Catalyst Prime)

Catalyst Prime was launched in May 2017 with then-Executive Editor Joe Illidge and writer Christopher Priest overseeing the line. Following Illidge's departure for Valiant in April 2018, Lion Forge co-founders David Steward II and Carl Reed stepped in as editorial directors of the line.

“Bringing Gail Simone aboard this ever-growing line up of heroes is one of the most exciting developments since Carl Reed and I first conceived of these characters,” said Steward. “There is no one more qualified to bring even more energy, excitement and innovation to this universe, and we are thrilled to have her unique voice and expertise as we continue to create comics for tomorrow today.”

Lion Forge has not specified if Simone will write any Catalyst Prime titles going forward.

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