Marvel's 'BLIND SPOT' Teaser Borrows From a 2016 JESSICA JONES Cover

Jessica Jones #1 variant
Credit: David Aja (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics' 'Blind Spot' teaser released Tuesday morning is promoting an announcement on Wednesday - but the teaser

Credit: David Aja (Marvel Comics)

The teaser (shown at right) has a background that's taken from David Aja's 2016 Jessica Jones #1 variant. Jones has been removed, the police tape has been added... but that's Aja's art.

And if there is a Jessica Jones connection, readers can’t dismiss the image’s violet hue - a potential reference to Jessica’s mind-controlling nemesis Zebediah Kilgrave, the Purple Man.

Back in March, Marvel teased a new Jessica Jones series to debut in "Fall 2018" - could 'Blind Spot' be a teaser for it?

Newsarama reached out to both Marvel and Aja for comment.

Marvel should have some answers come July 18 - the date on the teaser.

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