Top 2018 Comic-Con Exclusive Toys & Figures To Look Out For

Laughing Adam
Credit: Super7

Ah, Comic-Con International: San Diego is right around the corner and you know what that means! Well, yeah, aside from huge trailers and the biggest announcements (and Newsarama will be there giving it to you)... it’s the exclusives. All the publishers and toy companies bring out their big guns (sometimes literally) for fans to clamor after. Seriously, they added like 200 things between when we started this piece and when it published.

Here’s a round-up of some of the best items out of the literally thousands exclusively available at the con for those willing to travel/stand in line/possibly stand in line again after winning a lottery to get a ticket to actually buy stuff/haul items around/mail back to themselves, or at least get some noble friend to play Con-Sherpa and do all that stuff for them. We also got a special advance look at a few Marvel items from Hasbro we’ll be reviewing for the site later this week!

And remember, not getting these items only means you still have the money you would have spent on them, which can then be exchanged for such goods and services as food, rent, student loan payments, potential medical expenses… or just be spent at another comic convention. There’s a lot of them these days.


Credit: Bandai/BOOM! Studios

Legacy Psycho Green Ranger (Bandai/BOOM!): Created by Astronoma as part of her plan to destroy the evil Dark Specter, the villainous, and aptly-named, Psycho Rangers fought against the Space Rangers, only to be vanquished (and later revived in Lost Galaxy). The Legacy line of Power Rangers has been the staple for Power Rangers fans with serious hits and misses along the way. From the first wave with solid entries like the Green Ranger chase figure that included both the Dragon Dagger and the Sword of Darkness, to the recent Gold Zeo Ranger which had fans in an uproar about the less-than-stellar paint job, it’s given Ranger Nation the opportunity to have toys that are on par with the likes of Star Wars Black Series and Marvel Legends.

Psycho Green here will be the first figure taken from BOOM!’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series (the second to be Lord Drakkon, a Power Morphicon exclusive later this year). He has similar points of articulation as well as his dagger, which was taken by Grace in the series after he was killed. He has similar points of articulation from other Legacy offerings and stands at 6.5 inches.

Bandai will also have the Psycho Silver Ranger figure available, but since Psycho Green was created exclusively for the comic book, you can find him only at the BOOM! Booth at SDCC. – Lan Pitts


Credit: Zagwear

Zagwear Steven Universe Plush Toys:  I WANT ALL OF THEM I WANT ALL OF THEM I WANT ALL OF THEM…sorry. Still reeling from the latest “Steven Bomb” on Cartoon Network, and there are now adorable renditions of many characters from the show, including Lars of the Stars, the Blue, Yellow, and Pink Diamonds, two versions of Lion, two versions of Cookie Cat and even Peridot EEEEEEE…if the line continues after the con, there might be some actual spontaneous combustion on this end. – Zack Smith

Cereal Monster Tiki Mugs (Entertainment Earth/Geeki Tiki): It’s mid-July, which means it’s almost August, which means it’s almost Halloween time! Time for arts and craft stores to line their shelves with fun and spooky decor and for grocery stores to stock up on the Cereal Monsters! Originally created in 1972, these sweet and not-so-scary mascots have delighted fans each year with their appearances as they help usher in the Halloween season. The great people at Entertainment Earth and Geeki Tikis bring these characters for the first time in tiki glass form at San Diego Comic-Con this year. Now, these will be available first at the Entertainment Earth booth, but fans who couldn’t make it to the big dance will have a chance to snag them for their collection later in the year. In fact, you can pre-order them here! The set comes with the classic trio of Count Chocula, Frankenberry, and Boo Berry, but here’s hoping Fruit Brute and Fruity Yummy-Mummy get their shot later down the line. – Lan Pitts

Credit: Entertainment Earth/Geeki Tiki


Credit: Funko

Taika Waititi POP!: Funko POP! addiction is a dangerous plague that can severely affect your storage space, personal relationships, and scarily enough, even your money – but a particular new standard of excellence is achieved with the new representation of the Thor: Ragnarok and What We Do in the Shadows director. Sure, there are other director POP! figures, but none as stylish. There are 3,000 pieces and no indication of online sales, so be vicious in your con-hunting or prepare to monitor eBay for some quirky New Zealand genre-directing action. - Zack Smith

Voltron Hyper-Phase Figure (Playmates): Dreamworks’ Voltron: Legendary Defender has catapulted Voltron fandom to new heights with stirring characters, crazy cool animation, and of course all the toys! This “Hyper-Phase” version is a slight repaint of the first Ultimate Edition of the giant robot, where the white parts are replaced by black paint on the Lions, giving it a sleeker look. The Black Lion is fitted with electric blue wings that have more of an old school Gundam vibe to them. All of the original phrases and sound effects are included in this variant. The Hyper-Phase isn’t a hint of something to come and is just toy-exclusive, but if you missed your chance the first time around to find one of these in the wild, you might want to scoop up this version, but be warned, it’s in a colossal box so make sure you save room in your luggage. - Lan Pitts

Credit: Playmates



Credit: Super7

Masters of the Universe Laughing Prince Adam (Super7): This one you can actually order without going to the show, as pre-orders are available online…though they’re only through July 22, and they’ll only make as many as are ordered. An elaborate in-joke for fans of viral video or the certain…subtext of the 1980s Masters of the Universe cartoon from Filmation, the figure recreates He-Man’s alter ego Prince Adam laughing, an image made popular from a video that synched that and other shots to a remix of Four Non Blondes’ “What’s Going On.”

To drive the point home, he comes with a pink Power Sword and “Rainbow Glitter” packaging, the better to reveal his “fabulous secret powers.” The figure is at “Hordak’s Lair” outside the con center, which has many excellent Masters of the Universe items in addition to Adam, including art prints, T-shirts, and much more. You have the power! – Zack Smith

Credit: Playmates

Rise of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Set (Playmates): This version of the Turtles is the most deviant from the original yet, but we finally get a good look at their toys with their SDCC releaseahead of their new show. Each figure will be sold separately at $30, and gives Turtles fans a first-hand experience with these toys before hitting shelves later in the year. The packaging is kind of cool with some art that might help give people the right impression of the kind of style this show is going for. Each figure comes with a whopping 13 points of articulation, their individual weapons, and their height ranging from Donnie being the shortest (4.25") to Leo/Mike (4.5") and Raph being the biggest at 4.75" (he’s an alligator snapping turtle, so yeah, he’s a big ‘un). These will be available only at the Nickelodeon booth during the show. – Lan Pitts


Credit: NECA

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1990 Movie 7-Inch Figure Set and Street Scene Diorama (NECA): Yeah, we’ll be blunt – the odds are not in your favor here. For the last few years, NECA has done some excellent TMNT sets based off the many versions of the characters… but due to the licensing deal Playmates has on TMNT merchandise, NECA’s 7-inch scale figures can only be sold in limited numbers, as convention exclusives. And they are coveted, as anyone who’s tried to get them in their online con pre-sales has found out. The SDCC set is particularly buzzworthy, as it features the turtles’ likenesses from the 1990 live-action film, and they are spot-on. More than that, there’s a separately-available street diorama that’s great not only for these figures, but about any characters on that scale you want to have an urban throwdown (not unlike that sweet fire-escape shelf from Hobby Lobby that’s also impossible to find). Though a massive dent in the wallet at $250 total, and another dent to ship the huge items home to yourself, this might be the ne plus ultra of TMNT figure sets…until the next innovation comes around.   – Zack Smith


Credit: MONDO

MONDO Adventure Time 7-inch Vinyl: Assuming the air date for the final episode of the long-running Cartoon Network surreality will be announced at SDCC… or perhaps it will actually screen! But as we celebrate nearly a decade of stretchy dogs, vampire queens, really, really sad Ice King stuff and whatever Lumpy Space Princess is, commemorate its passing with a vinyl pressing of a couple tracks from the show. It’s got BMO’s classic ode to ending conflict, “Friends Don’t Fight,” and “Manlorette Party,” the catchy 8-bit number from “When Wedding Bells Thaw” and “We Fixed a Truck.” Put it on and relive the memories. *SOB* – Zack Simth

Credit: Lego

Lego Cowboy Deadpool: Look, you have to enter a lottery just to get the right to possibly buy, but… it’s a Lego Cowboy Deadpool. It’s maybe the most SDCC thing ever. What more do you need? Okay, there’s also a Lego Aquaman thing and an Aquaman “Between Two Dooms” DC Multiverse pack and a bunch of other stuff with Aquaman, but…Lego Cowboy Deadpool. Do you have two eyes and a soul? Yes? Argument over. – Zack Smith

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