Geof Darrow's SHAOLIN COWBOY Returns in START TREK Preview

"Shaolin Cowboy: Start Trek" preview

Check out a preview of this week's Shaolin Cowboy: Start Trek.

The Shaolin Cowboy: Start Trek HC
The Shaolin Cowboy walks the action-packed path of three enemies: Those from the past, who still pursue him, those from the future who are waiting for him, and those from the present who find killing him isnt going to be as easy as it looks.
The original Eisner-winning series published by Burlyman Entertainment in all its bloody glory.  
It's fat, it's fast, it's furious!!!
Collects Shaolin Cowboy: The Burlyman series #1-#7.
Writer/Artist: Geof Darrow
Colorists: Dave Stewart, Pete Doherty, Alex Wald, Lovern Kindzierski
FC, 200 pages; HC; 8'' x 12'', $24.99

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