REY MYSTERIO Jumps Into Comics (& Debuts in the 619)

"Rey Mysterio #1" preview
Credit: Ben Harvey (Chido Comics/Masked Republic)
Credit: Ben Harvey (Chido Comics/Masked Republic)

Rey Mysterio is branching out into comic books with his own title, debuting later this week at Comic-Con International: San Diego. The WWE alum (and lucha libre icon) has partnered with Masked Republic and Chido Comics for this fictional story of Mysterio investigating the legacy of the Rey Mysterio mask.

"In this one-shot, Rey is in one of those classic pulp adventure stories," co-writer Marco Lopez told Newsarama. "I'm a huge fan of the pulp era of two-fisted square-jawed heroes and women who on the surface seemed damsel in distress but in actuality were nothing of the sort. So I figured what would be better than telling a similar tale but dealing more so with Mexican and South American culture. It's Rey and a group of military soldiers who wouldn't be out of place in G.I. Joe or Predator searching for the mask of the first Mysterio."

Lopez writes the series with Chido publisher Ivan Plaza, and is drawn by Ben Harvey. You can read a preview here.

Rey Mysterio is planned as part of a larger line of comic books called Luchaverse - bringing in other lucha figures such as Konnan, Blue Demon Jr., and more.

The Luchaverse Rey Mysterio comic book will be sold at SDCC booth #1901, with Mysterio himself scheduled to be on-hand Friday from 12pm to 2pm PST.

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