25 Webcomics Artists Unite for LAUNCH PARTY

Launch Party

Press Release

Every web comic artist begins their career working for nothing and no one. This is an incredibly good way to make art, but a terrible way to make a living. The entire idea for “web comics” came during a time when newspapers, the traditional employer of cartoonists, were in turmoil as they struggled to adapt to a digital business model. At the same time, media consumers, aided by the ease with which digital media is copied, became so comfortable with piracy as to disrupt entire industries. What’s more, consumers will pay for a physical object more readily than a digital one. As a result, many web comic artists have never been compensated for their work in the least.

David Daneman’s first anthology, Launch Party, came. He assembled 25 geniuses and offered them fair pay in exchange for the great work they’ve already done. Unsurprisingly, the idea was a big hit with the artists. What is a big surprise is how this has not been done a million times already.

The 80-page, full-color book features 75 strips by 25 different artists (full roster below) from all around the world. The Kickstarter campaign, which needs to raise $13,767 (i.e. sell 500 books)  is at its halfway point and on track for successful completion. Daneman has produced two short films to promote the Launch Party ($20) campaign.

Who’s Who:

Anomaly Town - USA
Anything About Nothing - UK
Average Adventures of an Average Girl - Italy
Bastard Comics - USA
Berkeley Mews - USA
Blinky and Sal - USA
Brutally Honest - Brazil
Buni - USA
The DaneMen - USA
Deathbulge - UK
Extra Fabulous Comics - USA
Fail By Error - Denmark
False Knees - Canada
Heck If I Know - UK
How To Comics - Mexico
Jake Likes Onions - USA
Lae's Life - The Netherlands
Lunarbaboon - USA
Miki's Mini Comics - Germany
Moonbeard - New Zealand
Mr. Lovenstein - USA
NHOJ Comics - Ireland
Optipess - Norway
Shen Comix - USA
War and Peas - Germany

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