Hellion for Hire: One Of Comics' Greatest Rivalries

Hellion 4 Hire: Comics Greatest Rivalry

Due to looming deadlines, my return to Hellion For Hire will be a bit short this week, but hopefully, like a bowl of Halloween candy, it’ll be real sweet.  I’ve been traveling a lot lately and hitting some great conventions these past few weeks.  Thanks to Sgt. Rock, I’ve met many DC fans and all seem to ask the same question, “so what’s this new project I’ve been hearing about?”

Oh man, how do I do this and  make this new race original, interesting and entertaining? An iconic race featuring legendary characters told by master creators can make one quite nervous.  But comics are supposed to be fun, so I had some fun.  I bought those really nice DC Direct 1:6 scale collector Flash and Superman figures (since taken hostage by my two sons, William and Matthew), and I got to draw many of my favorite heroes and villains.  But most important, I’ve been afforded that rare privilege of writing history. 

So in closing, I hope you all have as much fun reading it as I had writing and drawing it. I also want to give props to Brian Miller and everyone at Hi-Fi Design for an amazing coloring job!

Oh, some of you might be wondering just which Flash will take on Kal-El?  Could it be, Barry Allen?  Dare I say it’s Wally West?  

Well, for that, you’ll just have to pick up the 2009 DCU Halloween Special. But I promise Justice will be served, and one thing is for sure, in this issue, in this race WE WILL HAVE A WINNER!

Here’s a little bit of Flash trivia for those who care. Check out Barry Allen’s hot, dimension-hopping ally, Doralla Kon.  Kind of makes you wonder if her black donut-spiral hair-do had any influence on a 20-year old aspiring filmmaker named George Lucas back in June of 1964 (Flash #145), doesn’t it?  

Getting back to conventions, at the Baltimore Comic Con, I had the honor of once again seeing my personal comic book idol, Joe Kubert and had him sign several thing s for my personal collection including the original cover art (also signed by many 442nd Veterans) to Sgt. Rock – The Lost Battalion #2 for my son, William!

Until next time, it’s To The Finish Line!

Billy Tucci

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