MOON's DUNCAN JONES Working on Comic Book Movie Next

Credit: Sony Pictures Classics

Writer/director Duncan Jones has revealed that his next movie will be based on an unspecified comic book - "a prettty special one" according to Jones. Take a look:

While Jones didn't specify what the project was, back in February while promoting his Netflix film Mute, the writer/director told JoBlo he wasn't interested in doing well-known comic book adaptations but would be interested in a cult comic book like Guardians of the Galaxy

"I think if there's something that hasn't already been adapted ... The thing is, I would do a DC or Marvel title if no one had heard of it, I think. Truly, I think the closest I ever got was ... I was looking at Guardians of the Galaxy a little bit before they did such an amazing job."

Jones goes on to say that "where my heart lies" is in "the British stuff just because I am British."

"So 2000 AD where Judge Dredd came from, has an amazing cast of characters," Jones said. "And I think if I were ever gonna do a comic book character, it would probably be one of those. Dredd was great, but there are like Slaine, and Rogue Trooper, and all of these amazing British characters that are over here, people don't know about. So if I can find a way to get the budget to do one of those, which is difficult because they're not known about… Those would be amazing movies, it's just because they're not known about. How do we make that work? But we'll see. I would rather focus on trying to do a 2000 AD character."

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