STJEPAN SEJIC Wants To Re-Envision POISON IVY's Origin After HARLEEN

Poison Ivy
Poison Ivy & Swamp Thing
Credit: Stjepan Sejic

Updated August 28, 2019: Wrtier/artist Stjepan Sejic has shared two more pieces of process art for a planned Poison Ivy title for DC.

"I've been working on a concept for a Poison Ivy story in continuity with Harleen, kinda doing a new take on her origin," Sejic wrote. "Who knows, if Harleen is sucessful enough... it's a pipe dream but so was Harleen XD"

Back in July 2018, Sejic talked about this prospectivve Poison Ivy book as something he wanted to do after a then-unnannounced project - later revealed to be Harleen. DC has not announced any project for Sejic past Harleen.

Harleen #1 (of 3) is scheduled to hit stands September 25.


Original Story from July 12, 2018: Stjepan Sejic says that DC Comics has approved a new project he proposed earlier this summer - and they plan on releasing it sometime in 2019. Sejic doesn't specify what the project is, but already has a second project he wants to pitch if this new one proves successful: a Poison Ivy book. Sejic previously illustrated a story with that character in Secret Origins #10.

The artist hasn't specified what the "approved" DC project is.

Sejic's Justice League Odyssey has been rescheduled for an August 29 release. Sejic has previously stated he plans to draw "at least" six issues of that series before moving on to other work.


Sejic doesn't specify whether he intends to draw or write these upcoming DC projects. Although Sejic has only done illustration work for DC, he previously has written and drawn numerous comics including Death Vigil, Sunstone, and Switch at Image Comics.

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