POW! Releases Statement on STAN LEE Lawsuit and Social Media Accounts

Stan Lee
Credit: Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock.com

POW! Entertainment has released a statement regarding its newly-restored partnership with Stan Lee. 

The statement addresses Lee's recently dropped $1 billion lawsuit against POW!, which alleged the company had defrauded Lee with contracts allowing them sole access to his likeness. The statement also addresses POW!'s management of Lee's social media accounts, a topic of debate following Lee and former business associate Keya Morgan's assertion in the lawsuit filings that POW! had posted content without Lee's approval or knowledge.

Here's the statement in full:

"To our fellow fans:

As we have always said, we at Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment are first and foremost fans!  We also take very seriously our responsibility as guardians of the Stan Lee brand and legacy. One major hallmark of this legacy is the open, honest and direct relationship Stan has always had with his fans. To help Stan continue the tradition started with Stan’s Soapbox, POW!’s social media team created and has for years solely managed therealstanlee Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts, as well as the Facebook page realstanlee, with Stan’s participation and approval.
But, recently access and management of the Twitter account was temporarily out of our (and Stan’s) control. That situation has now been rectified. Stan Lee’s social media accounts are once again being exclusively managed by POW! with Stan’s participation.
Unlike certain recent statements that were falsely presented in Stan’s voice, we want to assure you of our promise to be completely transparent and honest with you, the fans. POW! would never want to break your trust or put you in a position where you are unsure of Stan’s participation in his social media.
With that said, this is our pledge to you:
We at POW! Entertainment will only write in Stan’s voice when it is actually Stan making a personal statement. These messages will include the signoff “Stan” at the end, so you will know exactly what content is coming from Stan himself. All other posts and articles will be shared by POW! Entertainment to deliver Stan-influenced content and general pop culture news.
We have also come to realize that someone was using the direct message feature on Twitter to send notes posing as Stan to many of the industry’s top creators and talent. We will never try to fool anyone with messages. If it’s Stan reaching out, we will say so; if it’s a member of his staff, we will have that noted as well.
In the spirit of full transparency, even when it’s Stan speaking, a member of his social media staff is usually typing and posting the articles, entries, and comments.  We also invite you to tell Stan what you think, ask questions and send messages of support. He wants to hear what you have to say and occasionally Stan may even respond directly to your message.
We thank you for supporting Stan, and we look forward to once again sharing content from Stan and Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment with you across all social media platforms!
P.S. Some of the questionable material referred to above will remain in Stan’s timelines and social media feeds. For now, these posts will not be deleted for reasons that will become obvious over time.
-Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment"
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