Rob Liefeld's PROPHET Optioned for Live-Action Film

Credit: Dan Panosian (Image Comics)
Credit: Stephen Platt (Image Comics)

Rob Liefeld's Prophet is in development as a live-action film from the recently-launched company Studio 8. Studio 8, which is producing the upcoming films Alpha and White Boy Rick, plan to develop a franchise around the John Prophet character.

"[John Prophet is] a DNA enhanced super-soldier placed into a cryogenic freeze for a future mission only to awaken in the wrong time (current time) searching for a mission that does not exist," reads a Studio 8 press release. "Pitched as very much the anti-Captain America across the board. He’s a ruthless berserker that must find his humanity."

Liefeld is on-board the Prophet film as a producer, alongside Hitman's Adrian Askarieh and Run All Night's Brookyln Weaver.

Back in 1995, TriStar Pictures optioned Prophet for a live-action film.

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