Vertigo's SIX DAYS Recounts Pivotal WWII Battle

Six Days
Credit: Andrea Mutti (Vertigo)
Credit: Andrea Mutti (Vertigo)

Writers Robert Venditti and Kevin Maurer are working on a new OGN for DC's Vettigo imprint titled Six Days, illustrated by Andrea Mutti. Six Days will retell the story of the Battle of Graignes, a pivotal World War II battle at which Venditti's uncle perished.

"We knew only that he was killed in action somewhere in France on June 11, 1944," Venditti told The Hollywood Reporter about his uncle's involvement in the battle. "It wasn’t until I discovered a letter written to my great-grandmother by one of my uncle’s war buddies that I learned where and how he had died, and some additional details about his burial as well. It was a great source of comfort to my family to have answers after so many decades. As I began researching the battle, I was overcome by the heroism and sacrifice of the soldiers and French villagers who took part. At times, the story was difficult for me to write. It’s very personal, so there’s a lot of emotion there."

"My hope is more Americans will understand what happened at Graignes," added Maurer. "There was a unique bond between the American paratroopers and French civilians that makes the battle different from others during the invasion. So many sacrificed during this battle - both French and American - and telling their stories is the best way I know to honor that sacrifice."

Six Days is scheduled to be released May 14.

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