LOLLIPOP KIDS Protect U.S. Against European Monsters Brought Over for American Dream

Lollipop Kids #1
Credit: Juan Doe (AfterShock Comics)
Credit: Juan Doe (AfterShock Comics)

Adam Glass is working with his 14-year-old son Aidan on a unique spin on classic monsters titled The Lollipop Kids for AfterSchock Comics. Illustrated by Diego Yapur, The Lollipop Kids posits that when some Europeans migrated to North America they brought with them the folkloric and literary monsters of their homelands: dragons, vampires, Frankenstein's Monster, Medusa, the Big Bad Wolf, and more.

Lollipop Kids plays with the idea that the Immigrants who have poured into this country for over 400 years didn't just come here in search of the American Dream, they came here to get rid of their monsters so that their home countries would never again have to suffer," says Glass. "Which means America is the secret prison to all the monsters throughout history, everything from Dragons, the Big Bad Wolf, Medusa, Vlad the Impaler, Frankenstein, etc... and they have all been locked up for hundreds of years in the Greensward Forest better known today as Central Park."

Credit: Juan Doe (AfterShock Comics)

That's where the titular Lollipop Kids come in.

"And they have a long history that has been handed down from generation to generation, so if you are a 'Legacy' you too may be called to serve and protect the world from the things that go bump in the night. And when there is a sudden jailbreak in modern times, and monsters are going to escape the park and attack the city, Nick Motley, 14, from Harlem, gets the call and is pulled into a world that he and most New Yorkers have no idea exists just beyond the trees and bushes of the park. It's Harry Potter for inner-city kids and my love letter to Central Park.”

Here's the solicitation for the first issue, which debuts in October. Look for AfterShock's full October 2018 solicitations later this month on Newsarama.

Credit: Juan Doe (AfterShock Comics)

LOLLIPOP KIDS #1 / 3.99 / 32 pages / color / ON SALE 10.02.18
Writers: Adam and Aidan Glass
Artist: Diego Yapur
Letterer: Sal Cipriano
Cover A: Robert Hack
Cover B: David Lopez
Cover C (Main Cover): Juan Doe
When immigrants came to the new world they didn’t only bring their hopes and dreams, they also brought their MONSTERS.
Years ago, early setters locked these monsters away in a secret prison deep in the woods of New Amsterdam so that they never would return to the Old World again. Those woods have since become Central park and now, the monsters have escaped! Nick, a 14-year-old Harlem resident, finds out that he is a “legacy” to a secret society, that for the last four hundred years has kept these monsters in check. Now Nick and a ragtag group of kids just like him have to put the monsters back before they get out of the park and destroy the city.
Brought to life by Adam Glass and Aidan Glass (ROUGH RIDERS, THE NORMALS, TEEN TITANS) with art by Diego Yapur, LOLLIPOP KIDS is an epic re-imagining of the things that go bump in the night….

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