Why DC GIANTs Exclusive to Walmart, According to Top DC Writer

100-Page Giant
Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

DC Comics had to publish exclusive comics content in the recently-launched DC Giant Walmart exclusive for the retail chain to carry the books, according to writer Tom King. King is writing a 12-part exclusive story for the Superman Giant series and tweeted about how exclusivity of the comics content was "the price we had to pay" with Walmart.

"My goal in doing the Superman Walmart book is to put new customers into comic shops. You like this Superman, go check out this Batman," King tweeted. "Why exclusive then? That was the price we had to pay to get this opportunity. I don't like it, but I think it's worth it."

Credit: DC Comics

King 12-part "Up in the Sky" serial is scheduled to by drawn by Andy Kubert, and debut in September's Superman Giant #3.

Additional exclusive stories scheduled are serials by Brian Michael Bendis/Nick Derington (Batman Giant), Dan Jurgens/Scot Eaton (Teen Titan Giant), Jimmy Palmiotti/Tom Derenick (Superman Giant), Palmiotti/Patrick ZIrcher (Batman Giant), Tim Seeley/Rick Leonardi/Felipe Watanabe (Justice League of America Giant), and Amanda Conner/Palmiotti/Artist to be announced (Justice League of America).

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