ARCHIE Welcomes New Creators & #700 Legacy Numbering

Archie #700
Credit: Archie Comics
Credit: Archie Comics

Writer Nick SPencer and artist Marguerite Sauvage are taking over Archie Comics' Archie, starting with November's legacy-renumbered Archie #700. First reported by the New York Times, Spencer is quick to frame this new run as a continuation of writer Mark Waid's previous run and not a reboot or revamp.

“Archie Comics has a long, proud history. I don’t want to blow things up or do anything that would upset the long-term audience," said Spencer. "It’s more like finding some conflicts that have some stakes, upping the drama level a little bit.”

Credit: Archie Comics

The Morning Glories co-creator/writer did say that he plans to play up the soap opera aspect of the teens "in a way that the Riverdale audience can appreciate and enjoy."

For those looking for Archie Comics to show their math on Archie reaching #700, they did: the first Archie series ended June 2015 with #666, then the Waid/Fiona Staples reboot began a new Archie #1; that volume will conclude this month with Archie #32. 32 plus 666 equals 698 - Archie #699 will be a recap of the modern run, and priced at $1.

In addition to a new Archie team, a new Betty & Veronics series is scheduled to begin December with Betty & Veronica: Vixens writer Jamie L. Rotante. Archie has not announced an artist for the series.

“These characters were icons to me growing up and I want to make sure that continues for many, many generations of readers to come,” said Rotante. “We stack a lot onto the backs of teens and often dismiss their concerns as juvenile. I think now, more than ever, it’s apparent that teens matter and that their voices should be heard.”

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