Word Balloon: ACT-I-VATE PRIMER...Activate!

Best Shots Extra: ACT-I-VATE PRIMER

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Act-I-Vate is the Brooklyn based comics creator community established by Dean Haspiel, a group of cartoonists who use their site to promote their creator owned stories.  Last week IDW released the ACT-I-VATE Primer, which has 16 stories that are companion pieces to the free stories they’re doing online.

In the last 2 weeks the group has been at the Baltimore Comicon, and San Francisco's APE, promoting their comics, and their new 30 minute documentary "The Act-I-Vate Experience," created by filmmakers Seth Kushner and Carlos Molina.

On this episode of Word Balloon, we talk to several Act-I-Vate creators, about their works, and what brought them together.

We speak with Simon Fraser (2000AD, Lily McKenzie & The Mines Of Charybdis), Mike Caravallo (Life And Times Of Savior 28, Laviathan), Tim Hamilton (Fahrenheit 451 adaptation, Adventures Of The Floating Elephant), Michel Fiffe (Panorama, Zegas), and Act-I-Vate founder Dean Haspiel (Billy Dogma, American Splendor), who also talks about his creative involvement in the new HBO comedy series, Bored To Death.


Best Shots Extra: Act-I-Vate Primer

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