10 Answers with DC's DAN DIDIO: Call For Questions

Dan Didio

It's time again to submit your questions for 10 Answers and 1 Question with DCU Executive Editor Dan DiDio.

As always, Dan is looking for questions about his work overseeing the DC Universe's comics, characters and creative teams. He can't address anything about collections, movies, digital or anything going on with Vertigo or Wildstorm.

Check our last few interviews with Dan to figure out if your topic has been addressed, and keep in mind that DC just released their new solicitations on Monday.

And remember that Dan is dabbling in writing a few things himself, as he was just announced as writer of the January one-shot Blackest Night: Weird Western Tales, and will be taking over The Outsiders next year with artist Philip Tan.

So it's your turn to ask the questions. What do you want to ask Dan DiDio?

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