RAMPAGE Director Signs On For Live-Action SKYWARD Film

Skyward #4
Credit: Lee Garbett/Antonio Fabela (Image Comics)
Credit: Lee Garbett/Antonio Fabela (Image Comics)

Sony Pictures has optioned the Image Comics series Skyward with Rampage's Brad Peyton on-board to direct, according to Variety. Created by Lucifer co-showrunner Joe Henderson and artist Lee Garbett, Skyward is being adapted for film by Henderson himself. Henderson and Peyton are producing the film alongside Rampage producer Jeff Fierson.

“Jeff and I are focused on making event films - regardless of budget or scope,” Peyton said. “Skyward is a big one. We’re very excited to deliver on what an anti-gravity movie should deliver on and be working with Joe Henderson on this."

Skyward is set in a world where Earth's gravity suddenly (and dramatically) drops to near zero. The story follows Willa Fowler, who was born just after G-Day - the day it all changed - as a twenty-something living in this world and dealing with the revelation that her father has been secretly working at restoring gravity.

"The key thing was to make sure [Skyward] felt very much like today’s world, in terms of buildings and tech - but less populated and with less stuff to float about, so in that respect it was a case of 'stripped down or strapped down,'" Henderson told Newsarama.

Sony has not set a release date for the Skyward film.

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