Joss Whedon's FIREFLY Jumps to BOOM! STUDIOS

Credit: Fox

Joss Whedon's Firefly franchise has a new home: BOOM! Studios. First reported by Entertainment Weekly, BOOM! Studios has taken over the Firefly license from Dark Horse - which had held the license since 2005.

“It’s high time we got to see the full story of Mal and Zoe’s meeting and mission in the War of Unification — the good and bad that the pressure of war brings out in them, and the unforeseeable consequences,” said Whedon, who will act as a story consultant for BOOM!'s Firefly.

Writer Greg Pak and artist Dan McDaid are working on the new series, which according to the Hollywood trade will "finally explore the Unification War" and the experience of Serenity crewmembers such as Mal and Zoe during that time.

Firefly spoke to so many people at the time because of the themes it dealt with and the way it allowed characters to deal with them, and those themes are even more relevant today: found family, identity, and the emotional toll of resistance, to name a few,” BOOM! editor Jeanine Schaefer said. “Our job is to craft stories that will be exciting and rewarding for Firefly fans that have been with these characters from the beginning, but also to introduce it to a new audience. We want to cement Firefly as a pop-culture touchstone, enduring yet modern, in the tradition of other perennial sci-fi epics that are still teaching us about ourselves.”

In addition to the new series, BOOM! plans to reprint various Firefly titles from the franchise's Dark Horse run.

Firefly #1 is scheduled to launch in November.

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