DC Spoils BATMAN / CATWOMAN Wedding Ahead of BATMAN #50 - SPOILERS

Batman #50
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Credit: DC Comics

July 4's Batman #50 has been framed as the culmination of Batman and Catwoman's storied romance, but it seems DC has a bit of pre-wedding jitters and revealed one of the key elements of Wednesday's issue three days early in a New York Times article.

Spoilers ahead for Batman #50.

Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle's romance became serious when in June 2017's Batman #24 he proposed - and in October's Batman #32 she accepted. Nine months and eighteen issues later, the heavily-promoted matrimony was nixed in the final hours of Tom King and Mikel Janin's lead story in Batman #50. As outlined by NYT, Catwoman worries that a married Batman would be a happy Batman - and that isn't what fuels Batman.

Credit: Natali Sanders (DC Comics)

"You're still a child, Bruce. A hurt child," Kyle writes in a letter to Bruce - as relayed by NYT.

The letter purportedly continues, with NYT paraphrasing that "Their happiness, she speculates, would kill Batman, who rescues everyone and turns pain into hope."

"How can I do that," Kyle's letter continues. " To save the world, heroes make sacrifices. My sacrifice is my life. It's you."

Credit: Jock (DC Comics)

According to NYT, the final portion of the story positions Bruce and Selina on different rooftops in the the early morning thinking over their situations. Catwoman "discards her veil and leaps towards the street" writes NYT, while Batman - after waiting an hour for his bride - "throws off his tie and takes a similar leap, but in the opposite direction."

No other details on the story of Batman #50 have been released by NYT or DC at this time.

Series writer Tom King tweeted out a message following the media reveal of his story, saying "I'm pissed about things and excited about other things. I have no idea how to comment on anything without spoiling everything. Batman #50 is still out Wednesday. I’m incredibly proud of the issue; I hope you pick it up. You have questions; the answers are there."

DC revealed the story details of both the marriage proposal and Catwoman's acceptance earlier in a similiar fashion, with USA Today.

Batman #50 and the all-new Catwoman #1 goes on sale Wednesday at 12:01am local time at participating comic stores and digital outlets.

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