Post Game TV Recap: FRINGE S2E5: "Dream Logic"

Post Game TV Recaps: FRINGE Season 2 Ep

Well, this episode certainly put the brakes on the speed that Fringe had gained in the previous show.  It wasn’t bad, but as a follow up to Momentum Deferred (an awesome episode,) it did leave a bit to be desired.

Former sleep patients with a surgical implant find themselves in sleep-walking states, but rather than normal dreams, their waking dream turn into nightmares, driving them to commit murders.  Olivia, Peter and Walter travel to Seattle to investigate these mysterious murders.  Walter feels uncomfortable in this environment and is set on returning home.

The case leads Olivia and Peter to the doctor who treated all of these patients and who had pioneered the surgical implant which controlled their former sleep problems.  While the doctor seems legitimately concerned and worried for the well being of his patients, the team discovers that his alternate personality is addicted to the dream state that can be drawn out from the patient’s implants.  

I think that one of the most interesting underlying parts of this episode was the connection with Peter’s dream past.  Walter helped Peter with his nightmares as a young boy, but it makes one wonder if his nightmares somehow related to his past with his alternate self.  I am also intrigued by the clip of Peter’s dream of himself as a young boy…will they make Peter remember anything about what happened in his childhood?

My favorite part of the episode was, once again, Sam Weiss.  His character adds a fantastic dimension to the show.  Olivia is clearly still struggling with the loss of Charlie and is lost trying to understand the whole ordeal.  He sends Olivia on a mission to find what she needs to hear, and his mission is for her to collect business cards from everyone wearing red.  After visiting Charlie’s grave, Olivia un-jumbles the letters that she circled from the cards, revealing Charlie’s words, “You’re gonna be fine.”  Kind of makes me want to play the business card game too.

With no more new episodes until November, Fringe fans are going to have to hang in there, waiting for more answers and more plot build up.  Feelings on this episode?  Predictions of what’s up next?  

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