THE FLASH #49's Multiple Forces, Multiple FLASHes - SPOILERS

The Flash #49
Credit: Howard Porter/Hi-Fi Color (DC Comics)
Credit: Howard Porter/Hi-Fi Color (DC Comics)

Spoilers ahead for this week's The Flash #49.

According to the latest chapter of "Flash War," Barry Allen isn't quite as fast as Wally West, and the Speed Force isn't the only "force" of the Multiverse that can be accessed by the speedsters.

The two speedsters clashed in this week's The Flash #49 over whether Wally's children can be rescued. And their actions caused the breaking of the Force Barrier, unleashing more than just the Speed Force. As the issue ended, there are other forces of the Multiverse at play, including the "Sage Force" and the "Strength Force."

So how did these new forces get unleashed in this week's issue? Let's take a look at spoilers for The Flash #49.

Credit: Howard Porter/Hi-Fi Color (DC Comics)

All Around the World

As the issue opens, the two Flashes are racing around familiar places in the DCU, like the Hall of Justice, Themyscira, and the Fortress of Solitude. They're being tracked by various DC characters, including Steve Trevor and Amanda Waller, who try to stop their progress.

Hawkman feels the effects of the race in the wind, Swamp Thing feels it in the Green, and Zatanna feels it in the magic realm. Their race is causing havoc for the Atom in the Microverse, and even New Genesis feels the power being generated on Earth by the speedsters.

Do It for the Kids

And why are Barry and Wally racing around the world? Wally wants to break the Speed Force to rescue his children, Jai and Iris.

To review, in the post-Crisis timeline (which existed before Flashpoint and the "New 52"), Wally West and Linda Parks were not only married, but they had twin babies. They grew into superpowered tweens who were connected to the Speed Force, wearing costumes and fighting alongside their dad.

But that all ended when the DC Universe was rebooted with the events of Flashpoint in 2011 (and when Dr. Manhattan apparently interfered in the DC timeline).

Now, Wally West has returned from that disappearance to become part of the "Rebirth" version of the DCU. And Wally now remembers his children, wanting to try to rescue them.

Credit: Howard Porter/Hi-Fi Color (DC Comics)

Hunter Zolomon had suggested (earlier in "Flash War") the breaking of the Speed Force to get the kids back.

"Zoom is right," Wally tells Barry as the two race across the planet. "My kids are trapped inside the Speed Force, just like I was." Wally says he remembers feeling like "a ghost that no one remembered."

But Barry wants to stop Wally, knowing how devastating time changes can be because of his experience with Flashpoint.

Barry suggests that Wally talk to Linda first, but Wally points out how devastating that would be for Linda, who doesn't even remember Iris and Jai.

Barry also suggests enlisting the help of others in the DCU, but Wally points out that other heroes of the DCU are also missing since the "New 52." Barry tells Wally that he realizes there are missing heroes, and he's been working on the problem with Batman (something that doesn't make Wally too happy - why Batman and not him?).

Credit: Howard Porter/Hi-Fi Color (DC Comics)


Justice League

Steve Trevor, meanwhile, has called in for back-up from the Justice League. Cyborg says the energy the two Flashes are generating is "playing havoc with the very fabric of the Multiverse."

Superman tries to catch up with them but ... pfft, that ain't happenin'. "They're going too fast," Superman reports.

Credit: Howard Porter/Hi-Fi Color (DC Comics)
Credit: Howard Porter/Hi-Fi Color (DC Comics)

Green Lantern sets up a construct, a wall across Dinosaur Island, where the speedsters are about to arrive. But it also can't slow down the two Flashes.

In fact, the powerful Speed Force energy of the two speedsters crashes into Hal and sends him flying through the air. Barry catches Hal and tells him to get out of the way.

Wally Wins

After Barry points out that Hal was almost hurt, Wally says he knows Barry would help Hal.

"You're always there to save everyone, which is why I don't understand why you won't help me save my family now," Wally says.

Barry appears to give in, asking Wally what he wants done?

"We race into the Speed Force together and smash through the other side," Wally instructs.

But when the two rush toward that goal, Wally speeds far past Barry. "I can't keep up with you!" Barry yells.

Credit: Howard Porter/Hi-Fi Color (DC Comics)

In this story, Wally is the "Fastest Man Alive."

Something's Broken

As Wally rushes into the Speed Force with Barry behind him, they start to experience pain. And with a loud explosion of force, Barry and Wally are both thrown to the ground in Central City.

But something is amiss. "The Speed Force," Barry says. "I still feel connected to it, but something … something is wrong."

Just then, the Justice League appears. And as Barry and Wally look up, the sky is filled with lightning bolts and strange clouds.

Credit: Howard Porter/Hi-Fi Color (DC Comics)
Credit: Howard Porter/Hi-Fi Color (DC Comics)

Did they break the Speed Force?

"But where are Irey and Jai?" Wally asks.

Hunter Zolomon appears and says that the Speed Force isn't broken. It's actually the Force Barrier that broke. He disposes of the Justice League and explains that he wanted the Force Barrier broken so that he could "gain access to what lay beyond."

The villain says he learned in the 25th Century that Wally would do anything for his family, so he manipulated him in the present. "I saw the dangers that are coming to our worlds and that we need a true hero," he said.

Zoom produces Barry's original Flash Ring, which he says Eobard Thawne kept. And because Zoom believes the Flashes cannot handle what's coming, he declares that he is the hero to save the world.

"I'm the Flash, the fastest man alive," Hunter says, standing on the bodies of the Justice League. "The Speed Force [is] just one of the Forces in the Multiverse, and now they are free!"

Credit: Howard Porter/Hi-Fi Color (DC Comics)

Forces of the Multiverse

Credit: Howard Porter/Hi-Fi Color (DC Comics)

Zoom begins to demonstrate these various forces. One is the "Sage Force," which apparently allows him to levitate and manipulate enemies. Another is the "Strength Force," which is just what is sounds like, as Zoom uses it to punch the Flashes.

"I saw how [the forces] would eventually make your lives a living hell," he says. "So I'm going to save you from that future, use these powers to kill you both, and finally bring back the life that was taken from me!"

"Flash War" will conclude with The Flash #50 on July 11, which promises to feature the battle between Zoom, Barry and Wally. But according to that issue's solicitation, this story's events will "haunt the Scarlet Speedster long after Flash War is over."

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