DEVIL'S DUE / 1FIRST COMICS September 2018 Solicitations

Devil's Due / 1First Comics September 2018 cover
Credit: Devil's Due / 1First Comics

(W) Patrick Shand (A/CA) Olivia Pelaez
Now that her murder spree has begun, nothing will quell the fires of Abby May’s vengeance. As this tortured spirit continues her journey to find the man and woman responsible for her death, she finds a new target for her bloodlust: a disgraced pastor who lives in an abandoned church.


(W) Bill Willingham (A) Shawn McManus (A/CA) Travis Moore
“The Rascal.” In which Lark’s new friend Hotspur shows his true colors, to the regret of almost everyone. Let’s wind the clock back just enough to show you what happened to Lark all the while Brenar was going through his unplanned solo adventures. It’s Lark and Hotspur still on the run from the voracious swarming gink horde, but it turns out they aren’t the only danger in the woods that day!

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