AC COMICS September 2018 Solicitations

Crypt of Horror #37
Credit: AC Comics

Reading AC Comics’ Crypt of Horror #37 is like taking a Master’s Class in Pre-Code horror comics art styles, as more than TWENTY different masters of the pencil, brush, and pen are on display in this upcoming collection of never-previously-reprinted, rare 1950’s horror comic book stories. This issue highlights EVERYBODY, from the heavy hitters like Dick Ayers on “No Time Like The Future”, Bill Everett on “Vampire Beware” and Ogden Whitney on “The Unexpected” to genre favorites like Matt Fox on “Beelzebub”, Paul Reinman on “The Man Who Didn’t Belong”, the the suprising like Fred Kida on “The Fingerprint”, Maurice Whitman on “Trumpet Of The Valkyries” and Pete Riss on “Deathless Mortal” , to the obscure; including Al Wenzel on “The Flaming Phantom”; Paul Cooper on “Spectres of the Dam” and Bob McCarty on “When Sorcerers Meet”. Plus, artwork by Charles Nicholas, King Ward, Joe Sinnott, Bill Molno, Sal Trapani, Vincent Alascia, Bill Montes and others- 28 full stories in all. That’s Crypt of Horror Volume 37, coming in September from AC Comics. 140 pages of classic comic book horror in black and white with color covers, standard comic book size, saddle-stitched, for $29.95.
Writers: Jack Oleck, Carl Memling, Hank Chapman, Robert Bernstein, Ruth Roche, Richard Hughes, Joe Gill, and other uncredited.
Artists: Bill Everett, Carmine Infantino, Dick Ayers, Steve Ditko, Fred Kida, Paul Reinman, Al Wenzel, Paul Cooper, Vince Alascia, Charles Nicholas, Joe Sinnott, Matt Fox, Maurice Whitman, Bill Montes, Bob McCarty, Sal Trapani, King Ward, Pete Riss, Bill Molno, Manny Stallman and others uncredited.
Cover Artist: Warren Kremer
UPC Code: 64924192598903711
140 pages
Black and White (with color covers)
Ship Date: September 27, 2018

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