Awaiting UNCANNY X-MEN's Return

Uncanny X-Men
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Ken Lashley/Nolan Woodard (Marvel Comics)

Wolverine is back. Jean Grey’s been resurrected. Xavier has returned. But where is Uncanny X-Men?

Marvel’s original mutant title – the title that introduced the X-Men and gave them their most iconic adjective – hasn’t been on shelves for over a year, since the fourth volume of the title concluded with #19 in May 2017. After that, the entire X-Men line relaunched under the “ResurrXion” banner, with two titles - X-Men Blue and X-Men Gold - taking the role of the franchise’s core titles.

Meanwhile, other X-Men titles arrived including Astonishing X-Men and X-Men Red, but Uncanny X-Men remained dormant – even when Marvel’s “Legacy” era restored many other titles to their original numbering, and even amidst the return of many of the team’s core members.

Credit: Chris Bachalo (Marvel Comics)

So with even Fantastic Four now returning, and Blue and Gold coming to an end in September, the time is right for the original X-title to make a comeback.

Even the Avengers – the team that succeeded the X-Men as Marvel’s widest-expanding team franchise – have gone back to a single core title stacked with a big-guns line-up. Even alongside X-Men Red (which, let's face it, could simply drop the color designator and take the place of Uncanny's adjectiveless sister title), there's room for the classic title.

Credit: John Byrne (Marvel Comics)

And of course, Marvel has some big plans ahead for the X-franchise. This summer’s Extermination crossover may result in the return of the time-displaced original five X-Men to their original place in the time stream. But their absence will also leave a void.

But with Jean Grey, Wolverine, and Charles Xavier all recently back from the dead, their reunion - along with some of their merry mutants friends of course - could be that next step.

In other words - Uncanny X-Men.

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