Who Is the Baby? Guessing the Identity of JUSTICE LEAGUE #2's Mystery Character - SPOILERS

Who is the Baby?
Credit: DC Comics

Spoilers ahead for Justice League #2.

In Justice League #2, Lex Luthor introduced the idea of there being powerful forces in the universe that can now be unlocked.

And the key to one of them is a baby.

As strange as that seems, the idea became even weirder in Justice League #2 when Gorilla Grodd picked up the baby and declared that there's immense power within the child.

Credit: DC Comics

So who's the baby?

First, let's take a look at what was said about the kid. As the new leader of the Legion of Doom, Lex explained that all seven of these "hidden forces" must be unlocked in order to control the mysterious Totality that has hit the Earth.

According to Lex, the forces were previously inaccessible because of the Source Wall. And each force is something a member of the Legion of Doom has been looking for.

It's already been revealed that one of the forces is connected to the Invisible Spectrum, which is being utilized by Sinestro, one of the members of the Legion of Doom.

But another force is described by Lex as the one that will destroy the Flash, and Lex says he's "already unlocked" it because of the help from a "true evil genius."

And the evil genius? It's a baby, and Lex encourages Gorilla Grodd to "connect" to the child. When Grodd does, he's amazed at the power.

Later in the issue, the Flash is shown struggling because the Speed Force keeps failing. Barry blames the "speed bumps" on his old villain, Turtle (emphasizing the word "old"), who was always trying to access the Still Force, "an opposing energy to the Speed Force."

Still later, John Stewart mentions the Still Force, reinforcing the idea that it has been somehow accessed.

But how is all of this connected to the baby and Gorilla Grodd?

Let's take a look at a few guesses surrounding who that baby could be:

Credit: DC Comics

The Turtle

The most obvious guess is that the baby is somehow the Turtle himself, finally able to access the Still Force. He's either returned from the dead as a baby or, maybe, he's able to de-age himself by using the Still Force.

This fits with the name-drop by Barry Allen, and it fits with the concept of the Still Force, since the Turtle is a long-time Flash villain. And in one of his past incarnations, he was a brilliant scientist (which fits with Lex's description of the baby as an evil genius).

There's another clue that fits with the idea of a turtle: The baby has green eyes, and it's wearing a green blanket. This might be symbolic of the character's signature all-green costume.

If this theory is true, then the Source Wall breaking must have given the Turtle the ability to access the Still Force he's long been studying. And now he's connecting telepathically with Gorilla Grodd to defeat the Flash.

Credit: DC Comics


This idea is based on the fact that Zeus recently died, and in past DC stories, he returned as a baby. And as one of the most power gods in the Greek god pantheon, he would certainly overwhelm Gorilla Grodd with the power he possesses.

But this idea doesn't make any sense with the description of the baby as an "evil genius." Sure, Zeus is a bit of a jerk (as a recent gift to Jason in Wonder Woman reinforced), but he's hardly evil. And he's never been smart enough to avoid constant family bickering and battles. So this one might be a bit of a stretch.

Credit: DC Comics


As part of the New Gods pantheon, Metron could have returned from the dead in the form of a baby, since there is some precedence for that sort of thing happening with New Gods. (Remember that Metron was vaporized at the end of Justice League #50, apparently by Dr. Manhattan.)

Metron has certainly been portrayed in the past as a genius, although that was mostly because of his chair. As part of New Gods mythology since 1971, Metron used the chair as a time-space vehicle that stored vast knowledge.

But Metron's role in the history of the DCU is less significant since Geoff Johns revamped continuity to make the Anti-Monitor the first one to possess the Mobius Chair.

Plus, he's hardly evil. The character was always portrayed as an observer more than any kind of evil manipulator. And what would he care about the Still Force or the Flash?

Credit: DC Comics

The Forger

Dark Nights: Metal #4 introduced some new characters who were shown to be immensely powerful. According to this story, "first were matter and anti-matter," and with them were three creatures. Two were the brothers who monitored the matter and anti-matter (also known as the Monitor and Anti-Monitor).

A third being was tasked to watch over what was "yet to come," residing in the World Forge. But this being was killed by the dragon who has previously served him (a dragon that turned out to be Barbatos).

So…lots of things happened since then (read Dark Nights: Metal for details), but there's been no sign of that World Forger since.

Could he be the baby?

This theory makes sense with the description of immense power, but it doesn't really fit with any of the other information. Although Justice League writer Scott Snyder has indicated previously that he will follow up on the beings who watch over the World Forge, this might not be the place where that story thread shows up.

Credit: DC Comics

Vandal Savage

Back in Justice League #1, Lex Luthor killed the formerly immortal character named Vandal Savage, beating him with a mysteriously powerful doorknob. In that exact moment, Vandal's mind cried out to Martian Manhunter and informed him about secrets of the Multiverse.

Because Vandal Savage is immortal, his death seemed only temporary. Perhaps he immediately returned somehow, in the form of a baby?

The power he possesses could be linked to his origin story, having gained the power of immortality from a meteor. Or it could be connected to Lex's doorknob, the powerful weapon that was last used to kill him.

This guess makes sense only because it ties to what happened in issue #1, and because Vandal Savage is, indeed, super evil. But would Lex Luthor call him a genius? Particularly after having outsmarted him in issue #1? And what would Vandal Savage care about a Still Force or the Flash?


This one's a super longshot (because c'mon…Brainiac would be green, no?), but we did just see Brainiac die in Justice League: No Justice. And when you hear the words "evil genius," can you think of anyone in the DCU that fits that name better than Brainiac?

But even though this theory ties nicely to the Justice League prequel story No Justice, there just isn't much supporting the idea. We're doubtful this baby is Brainiac.

The baby is a human. It's an evil genius. And there's a good chance it's connected to the Still Force.

So…. is The Turtle the obvious choice? Or one of these other guesses? Or could the baby be someone else we haven't even thought of? What do you think, Justice League readers?

The story continues in Justice League #3, on shelves July 4.

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