Supernatural Comic SPIRITS: THE SOUL COLLECTOR Raising Funds via Kickstarter

Spirits: The Soul Collector
Credit: Colin Lawler & Joseph Grabowski

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Colin Lawler and Joseph Grabowski, the creators of LINE Webtoon’s Spirits: The Soul Collector and winners of the 2017 Bleeding Cool Readers’ Award for Best Supernatural Comic, look to crowdfund a self-published print edition of their ongoing, all-ages, fantasy tale. The campaign, currently active on Kickstarter, is aimed to raise $7,000 with hopes of printing 1,000 copies of a 176-page, full-color book. Backers will receive various rewards including copies of the book, art prints, t-shirts, and original art.

Credit: Colin Lawler & Joseph Grabowski

Spirits sees about 10,000 unique, weekly readers in the digital format, with that number expected to grow. Tom Akel, Head of Content at LINE Webtoon, is full of praise for the comic and its creators. “I think [they’re] building a story and world that is truly unique . . . I think it will stand the test of time...”

Lawler is quite pleased with the outcome of the not-yet-released print version, especially considering the obstacles he encountered in the transformative process.

Credit: Colin Lawler & Joseph Grabowski

“Designing the infrastructure for a comic that will be presented in both downward scrolling and traditional book format has been a challenging opportunity to grow as an artist,” Lawler explains. “Each adaptation is limited by the other’s existence.”

Grabowski, on the other hand, was “never really worried about the aesthetic.” He cites his faith in Lawler’s abilities. “A pen is basically a wizard’s wand in Colin’s hand. There’s inherent magic in every line.”

Lawler and Grabowski hope the magic doesn’t run out by July 15th, the last possible day one can support the Kickstarter campaign.

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