JUSTICE LEAGUE #2 Reveals Invisible Emotional Spectrum, More Surprises - SPOILERS

Justice League #2 spoilers
Credit: DC Entertainment
Credit: DC Entertainment

The week's Justice League #2 revealed more about Lex Luthor's mysterious doorknob and that "Invisible Emotional Spectrum" that Scott Snyder spilled to Newsarama about a few weeks ago.

And the power of the Invisible Spectrum appears to be far beyond any colored corps from the Emotional Spectrum. In Justice League #2, Sinestro is wearing a new ring that apparently allows him to control John Stewart and, unfortunately, force the hero to attack his colleagues in the Justice League.

The issue also explained more about some of the mysteries from issue #1 and, somehow, ended with Batman and Lex Luthor swimming around in Superman's blood.

How'd this all happen? Let's take a look at the issue.

Lex's Doorknob

The issue kicked off by showing how Lex Luthor got that mysterious doorknob (the one that appeared to communicate with the "Totality" at the center of issue #1).

As Snyder also already teased to Newsarama readers, Lex Luthor visited the Legionnaires Club in Kansas where his father was a member. Because Lex's father neglected his family and spent so much time at the club, Lex decided to buy the building and blow it up.

But before the building exploded, a glowing door appeared out of nowhere. The doorknob had a mysterious symbol on it that caught Lex's attention. And the narration in issue #2 said, "And so in that humble town hall began Lex Luthor's new passion for the explosive power of truth."

Credit: DC Entertainment

After the flashback, we join the present-day DCU, where John Stewart is in space, completing a mission as part of the Green Lantern Corps.

Batman sends a message to John Stewart (with Swamp Thing's help), asking for his help with that Totality that crashed into the Earth last issue. He says that because the Green Lanterns learned that the Multiverse is dying, the Justice League thinks maybe the Totality's code is the key to fixing the Multiverse. But they need John Stewart's help.

John is reluctant to work with the League. He mentions that Martian Manhunter was with him on Xanshi when he caused the planet's destruction. Batman reassures John that he's been forgiven by everyone, including J'onn, and begs him to join the League.

Legion of Doom

The next scene details how the Legion of Doom takes over its new undersea base. The HQ is located at a "veracity point" on Earth where the laws of physics are fallible, and according to Lex Luthor, it was built 100 years ago.

Lex explains to Cheetah, Black Manta and Gorilla Grodd that the Legionnaires scene (from earlier) took place three months ago. And when he opened that glowing door, it revealed the fate of not just himself, "but the fate of everyone and everything."

The word "doom" just means "fate," Lex explains.

Lex holds up the doorknob, pointing at it, and says that in order to control the Totality, their team needs to unlock the "Seven Hidden Forces" of the universe. These forces were once impossible to access, but the Source Wall's destruction changed that.

Credit: DC Entertainment

And each force is something a member of the team has been looking for.

The first force is the one that will destroy the Flash, and Lex says he's "already unlocked" it because of the help from a "true evil genius."

And the evil genius? It's a baby, and Lex encourages Gorilla Grodd to "connect" to the child. When Grodd does, he's amazed at the power.

Totally Totality

It's been a week since the Totality crashed into the Nevada desert. It created a protective shell around itself and started sending out a code. The Justice League Dark has hidden the Totality from public detection, behind a mystic veil, but people are starting to notice.

In the midst of all this, the Flash is unhappy because the Speed Force keeps failing. Barry blames the "speed bumps" on his old villain, Turtle, who was always trying to access the Still Force, "an opposing energy to the Speed Force."

Killer Croc of the Suicide Squad went into the energy shell and disappeared from view. Later, he re-materialized near Belle Reve prison. But he'd been changed, transformed into a giant "perfect monster" whose cells adapt to help him fight the League.

Martian Manhunter concludes that whoever goes into the Totality's shield gets attacked by the Totality and mutated into whatever the thing needs.

Invisible Spectrum

Credit: DC Entertainment

We re-join John Stewart, flying through space, and Sinestro suddenly appears, stating that he has unlocked the Invisible Emotional Spectrum.

According to Sinestro, the Invisible Spectrum is something he's been wanting to find for a while. In fact, as he explained to John Stewart in the issue, the reason he wore his classic purple and black costume (back when he was kicked out of the Green Lantern Corps) was because he was searching for it.

(That's a bit of a retcon from his former actions after leaving the Green Lantern Corps. Previously, that exile led him to the yellow power of fear. But now, it appears, he only used that because he was blocked from the Invisible Spectrum by the Source Wall.)

Now that the Source Wall has been broken, Sinestro found what he's been searching for. And he's wearing an Ultraviolet power ring, recruiting John Stewart into his new corps.

Back on Earth, the Justice League decides to send Superman and Martian Manhunter into the Totality's shield, because their cells can resist the aforementioned mutations.

But…you're not going to believe this one…

Clark and J'onn will have a little help. Or to be more precise, a couple very little helps. Because Ray Palmer and Batman have created two size-transmutable protective vehicles.

And Batman is inside one of them, having been injected into Superman's body.

Credit: DC Entertainment

Yep, you heard that right. Batman's inside Superman.

Kendra is piloting the other ship, inside Martian Manhunter's body.

So, there's that.

And when the team gets close to the Totality, they see this weird symbol (its "code"), and all of them feel like they recognize it, but they can't exactly interpret it.

And as they approach the shield that the Totality created around itself, readers see that it's in the shape of a humanoid head, lying on its side.

Superman and Martian Manhunter (with Batman and Hawkgirl inside them) enter the shield. The Justice League loses contact with them.

Ultraviolet Power

Credit: DC Entertainment

Suddenly, John Stewart shows up to battle the Justice League. He cites the oath of "unseen light," and calls himself the "head of the Ultraviolet Corps."

"Now you will all die!" he says.

Back at the Legion of Doom, Cheetah gets mad and tears Lex's face off. Only, it's not Lex. It's a Lex-bot.

Lex isn't there at the Legion of Doom headquarters.

Where is he?

He's got a tiny ship too, it seems.

And Lex Luthor is inside Superman.

They're about to arrive at the Totality. Only Lex is the only one who apparently knows what they're going to encounter.

The story continues in Justice League #3, due out on shelves July 4.

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