STAR TREK vs. TRANSFORMERS Cartoons Collide This September

Star Trek vs. Transformers #1
Credit: Derek Charm (IDW Publishing)

Star Trek and the Transformers are crossing over in a new limited series from IDW Publishing, but with a twist. According to io9, the four-issue Star Trek vs. Transformers pits two of IDW's biggest licenses and two of pop culture's most iconic properties - in their cartoon forms - against one another in a crossover co-writer Mike Johnson calls "several decades in the making."

The series will be written and drawn in the spirit of the 1970's Star Trek: The Animated Series and the 1980's original Transformers series. 

Credit: Derek Charm (IDW Publishing)

“John [Barber, co-writer/IDW Editor-in-Chief] and I are having a blast writing the first meeting of Starfleet and Cybertronians, and [Philip Murphy] is the perfect artist to bring these two franchises together on the page," said Johnson.

The series reportedly kicks off when the U.S.S. Enterprise answers a distress call at the edge of Klingon Space and discovers an army of 20th century-era Earth jets and helicopters attacking a dilithium mine.

Star Trek vs. Transformers #1 is scheduled to debut this September.

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