SOULE's Insight Into DAREDEVIL's Mayor Murdock Finale

Daredevil #605
Credit: Mike Henderson (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Chris Spouse (Marvel Comics)

For decades Matt Murdock has defended New York City and Hell's Kitchen.... and for the last few issues of Daredevil, he has defended the city as mayor...

... but things aren't going so well.

This week's Daredevil #604 continues Charles Soule and Mike Henderson's "Mayor Murdock" arc, wherein Murdock takes the role after the hasty exit of Wilson Fisk. It ain't all paperwork and press conferences, and this week's issue has Matt on death's door.

Newsarama caught up with series writer Charles Soule about the "Mayor Murdock" storyline so far and what lies ahead for Daredevil (and by proxy Matt Murdock), the Kingpin, and the rest of their respective crews.

Newsarama: Charles, since Matt has become Mayor of New York with Wilson Fisk taken out, even though temporarily, do you think he's yet mastered that balance of civil duty and superheroics? 

Credit: Mike Henderson (Marvel Comics)

Charles Soule: Well, the “Mayor Murdock” story in Daredevil covers a very specific, intense period in New York’s mayoral history. With #603, the last issue to hit, it’s not even three days since the Hand took down Fisk and Matt Murdock assumed the duties of mayor. So, he’s just trying to figure out how to save his city from the immediate threat. The rest…things like budget negotiations and arguing with Albany about fixing the subways…that will have to wait.

Nrama: Blindspot made a sudden return to Matt and Foggy's life, what is his role with everything going on?

Soule: Blindspot’s always been around. He was a big part of the "Mayor Fisk" storyline running through Daredevil #595 - #600, directly confronting the serial killer artist Muse and saving lives in his own way. Now, he’s working as Matt’s proxy out in the city, because Blindspot can operate in the streets in a way that Daredevil can’t (at least not as much, not when he’s supposed to be running things from City Hall.)

Blindspot’s choices during the "Mayor Fisk" story played a big role in the Hand coming to the city in the first place, and we’ll see that play out.

Credit: Mike Henderson (Marvel Comics)

Nrama: New York doesn't have any sort of a lack of capes and heroes protecting it on a street level or otherwise, does being Mayor of New York give Matt a sense of direction in uniting everyone should they need to?

Soule: I think we’ve seen that, both in Mayor Fisk and now – he’s calling in all his friends and allies (and even some people who’ve been against him in the past, the various criminal bosses in the city) to protect NYC from the Beast and the Hand. It’s not so much the power of the mayor’s office that allows him to do that. It’s his years and years of work within the city’s heroic structure that has built up a reservoir of trust he’s calling on now.

Nrama: What is it do you think that series artist Mike Henderson brings out of your stories the best?

Credit: Mike Henderson (Marvel Comics)

Soule: He’s great with action. The moments really land, just as they need to, even the complex bits. I also love how he draws Foggy Nelson. He feels perfect – long-suffering, but noble and heroic in his own way.

Nrama: Who is somebody in the Daredevil landscape you haven't had a chance to write yet that would be perfect for this arc to include? 

Soule: Wait and see!

Nrama: You also have Chris Sprouse, Karl Story, and Marte Garcia, some serious veterans aboard, what do you think is the importance of choosing cover artists especially for a title like Daredevil

Credit: Mike Henderson (Marvel Comics)

Soule: Cover artists are crucial for every title. If the interiors artist can’t do it, then why not call on an all star?

We’ve been lucky with cover artists throughout the run – Bill Sienkiewicz, Dan Panosian, even David Aja and Alex Ross – whatever compels a reader to pick something up off the shelf, you know?

Credit: Chris Sprouse (Marvel Comics)

Nrama: So last month's issue you touched upon Fisk's role in the grand scheme of things, can you elaborate on what the former Mayor has in store for Matt now that's he back on his feet?

Soule: Well, he’s not happy that Matt Murdock’s been running the city during his convalescence, obviously. The Fisk of it all just adds a new layer of complexity to the story that I think will be fun to see as we move forward. The situation was bad enough in NYC without adding the Kingpin to the mix. 

Nrama: Lastly, where does Matt and company go from here after the "Mayor Murdock" storyline? 

Soule: Two words – Mike Murdock. (Those words will mean a lot to longtime Daredevil fans, and also maybe set up some head-scratching - but it’s a lot of fun.)

Also, two more words – Phil Noto. One of the best artists in the biz, and an old friend of mine, is hopping aboard the title, and we have some incredible stories planned. Daredevil #605 ends “Mayor Murdock,” but we have a ton of great stuff on the way. Stick around!

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