'Doomsday Clock #7' covers
Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

Writer Geoff Johns has shared a pair of covers for Doomsday Clock #7 by artists Gary Frank and Brad Anderson, in which more elements of the DC Universe and Watchmen timeline collide - literally.

The first cover features what appears to be the Green Lantern power battery of the Justice Society's Alan Scott with a blue moth perched on it. The exact nature of the blue moth is unknown - the blue color could connect it to either Doctor Mahattan or the Emotional Spectrum. Additionaly, in the Watchmen universe, there was a former hero named Mothman whose obituary was show in Doomsday Clock #4.

Credit: DC Comics

The second features Rorschach delivering a brutal beating to the Joker, showcasing exactly how different the vigilantes of the DC and Watchmen universes actually are.

"First look at Doomsday Clock #7! Thanks to everyone who made it one of the top books of May!," Johns tweeted, going on to reference the title's publishing delays. "The team is doing its best to deliver a series different from what’s out there, worthy of your money, time and, of course, LOTS of patience!!! THANK YOU!" 

Doomsday Clock #7 has not yet been solicited. Doomsday Clock #6 is due out on shelves July 25.

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