ANDY WAR HALL - Except No Imitations in HER INFERNAL DESCENT #3 Preview

"Her Infernal Descent #3" preview

Check out a preview of June 27's Her Infernal Descent #3.

HER INFERNAL DESCENT #3 / $3.99 / 32 pages / Color / on sale 06.27.18
Writers: Lonnie Nadler & Zac Thompson
Artist: Kyle Charles
Colorist: Dee Cunniffe
Letterer: Ryan Ferrier
Cover: Kyle Charles w/ Dee Cunniffe
Lynn and her favorite writer, AGATHA CHRISTIE, venture into surreal halls of modern art. Welcome to hell's esteemed art gallery! As she descends deeper into the inferno, Lynn's left to wonder if she'll ever find her forsaken family or be doomed to the same fate. Including a surprise appearance by one of the 20th century's most celebrated artists!
From the writers of the break-out hit The Dregs and Marvel’s Cable, and the artist of Roche Limit, this is HELL like you’ve never seen before.

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