First Look: HEROES IN CRISIS Interior Art

Heroes In Crisis #1
Credit: DC Comics

Heroes In Crisis writer Tom King has tweeted the first interior art from the upcoming event series by artist Clay Mann. King and Mann are scheduled to be joined by colorist Tomeu Morey and letterer Clayton Cowles.

The page, seen below, features Booster Gold and Harley Quinn meeting in a diner.

Along with the page King shared some new information about the series, calling Heroes In Crisis "a murder mystery that explores the effects of violence on the heroes of the DCU. Like a lot of what I do, it’ll be about finding grace in a traumatic world."

"The 'Crisis' here doesn’t refer to a reboot or a cosmic multiverse breakdown," King continued. "It’s about a crisis of soul and conscience, the struggle against helplessness when the horrors come."

Heroes In Crisis #1 is due out on shelves September 26.

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