Legion of Super-Heroes #3
Credit: DC Comics

The Legion of Super-Heroes have largely been absent from the DC Universe since the advent of the "New 52," but they almost got a relaunch from the all star creative team of Gail Simone and Jim Lee a few years ago - at least, that's how Simone recounts it.

"People ask me a lot about projects I would like to do here on Twitter, and it often comes out that such a project nearly happened. In light of the recent [Jim Lee] news, I thought I would share the biggest regret I have for a book that didn't happen," Simone tweeted, going on to describe an impromptu pitch meeting that took place during a loud New York Comic Con party (though she doesn't pinpoint the year).

"I ask him what the project is, and he says Legion of Superheroes. I could have died. I love the Legion. I think it's DC's sleeping giant. When I was a kid, I wanted a flight ring and a clubhouse so bad," she continued. Lee's pitch reportedly included dozens of characters and ever evolving ideas. However, due to the environment, Simone says she "was trying so hard to remember it all...And I couldn't remember any of it."

That's right - though Simone goes on to recount certain details she does recall, since the project did not come to fruition, Lee's extended pitch is lost to the annals of time. 

"But the long story short is, [Jim Lee]=great guy," she concluded. "And also, way more than just a fantastic artist. A remarkable idea man."

Simone has often spoken about projects she has pitched or worked on for DC that were not published for various reasons, including a Shazam! reboot she would have authored alongside writers Mark Waid and Grant Morrison.

Simone says her Legion of Super-Heroes pitch is "in the graveyard of shipwrecks" at this point. But with Geoff Johns' long-anticipated Shazam! series finally on the way, perhaps equally long-awaited revivals are in the works for the Legion of Super-Heroes and Justice Society.

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