Question Everything In JOHNS & FABOK's THREE JOKERS Title

Three Jokers
Credit: DC Comics

A descrption of Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok's planned Three Jokers comic book title has been found over at the writer's new company website.

"Illustrated by the brilliant Jason Fabok, Three Jokers is a mystery unlike anything the Dark Knight has faced," reads the description. "One that will shed a new light on The Batman and those closest to him as everything he’s ever believed about the Joker comes into question."

The concept of three Jokers first appeared in Johns and Fabok's Justice League "Darkseid War" arc, and was later continued in DC Universe: Rebirth #1. Johns is curently writing the Joker in Doomsday Clock.

Neither DC nor Johns have announced a planned debut date for Three Jokers.

Johns' company website also lists the delayed Batman: Earth One Volume 3, apparently confirming that he and Gary Frank plan to resume work on that series following the completion of Doomsday Clock.

"Continuing the acclaimed series that re-invents the world of Batman, illustrated by Gary Frank and Jon Sibal and colored by Brad Anderson."

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