TONY STARK & JANET VAN DYNE's Romance Rekindled for Slott's IRON MAN

Tony Stark Iron Man #4
Credit: Alexander Lozano (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Brett Breeding (Marvel Comics)

Tony Stark and Janet Van Dyne are rekindling their romance in the pages of Dan Slott and Valerio Schiti's upcoming Tony Stark Iron Man series. Marvel announced that the two founding Avengers will be back in each other's arms by way of the solicit for September 19's Tony Stark Iron Man #4 cover.

Credit: Alexander Lozano (Marvel Comics)

Stark and Van Dyne previously had a brief romance in 1982's Avengers #224, however Stark didn't tell Wasp he was in fact Iron Man. After being admonished by Captain America and Thor for keeping secrets, Tony reveals he is in fact Iron Man and Janet breaks off their budding romance saying she didn't want any more workplace relationships.

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